And, if you’re considering hiring Sally as your agent, look no further

This is a long overdue thank you from us, Sally. You have been incredibly gracious to us, to my parents, and to several close friends through the course of multiple transactions - selling our homes and most recently, facilitating the purchase of our new place. We are grateful for your kindness, understanding, cool/calm demeanor, sense of humor, patience and expertise. Thank you!  
And, if you’re considering hiring Sally as your agent, look no further. We can't say enough about her professionalism, extensive experience in the industry and an abundance of connections. 
What sets Sally apart from other agents we’ve worked with is her honesty, absolute dedication to the client and her accrued wisdom of the industry.  And, finally, while there are many agents/ brokers who are great at completing the deal, there are not many who actually care after the deal is done. Sally does.
We’re writing to give Sally Gregg our highest recommendation.

Don Baker and Peter Terlaak

We would definitely recommend their experience, positive attitude, command
of the market and professionalism to anybody who is looking for an exceptional realtor

We have sold one house and bought two houses with Sally Gregg in the past 15 years. Sally and her team have always been a delight to work with. Their advice in each and every step along the way has been priceless. We would definitely recommend their experience, positive attitude, command of the market and professionalism to anybody who is looking for an exceptional realtor.

Seda and Soner Terek
Buyer 2016

Sally represented herself with the utmost professionalism throughout this
and every other transaction we have had with her.

We recently closed on the sale of our home in Bothell.  Sally Gregg was the broker representing us.  We have known Sally for many years and she has represented us in various real estate transactions throughout.  We would like to share a few comments to you about our recent experience with Sally.Sally represented herself with the utmost professionalism throughout this and every other transaction we have had with her.Sally always met our needs first.  We always felt that our needs and desires were at the forefront of her effort. Sally is not only best-in-class, but she surrounds herself with best-in-class people - i.e Caren.  The photographer was terrific as well.

Sally, from a business perspective, was able to anticipate issues throughout the process, recommended a price point based on her excellent analysis and intuitive instincts helped us throughout, explained pros and cons, and gave us a pathway to conclude the deal.  In short, we trust her 100%.

Sally also was an excellent driver.  She moved quickly and flawlessly, and a terrific person also!.

Sally made John L Scott look good; she made us look good.  We will always be grateful for her work on our behalf.  Margie and I are retired and moving on in years.  We hope Sally is still engaged in this business for our next real estate transaction.  She will be the first one we would call as she has set the standards at the highest level.

Patrick and Marjorie Leach 

Sally and her skillful team provide clients the best service
and a constant flow of helpful communication

Sally's stellar reputation is well-earned.  She cuts through thorny transactions with the sharpest tools -- experience, integrity, and commitment. Sally and her skillful team provide clients the best service and a constant flow of helpful communication. I recommend Sally without reservation.

Rebecca, Bellevue
Buyer and Seller 2016

Sally is experienced, knowledgeable, sensible, ethical, warm
and handles herself with the utmost professionalism. 

The last time we sold a house (a few years ago), we loved our John L. Scott agent – so when we contacted her about selling our latest home, she informed us that she’s taking time to be with her family, but recommended the agent who had served as her mentor – Sally Gregg -- saying “she’s incredible!”  We decided we could settle for “incredible” and could not have been happier!  We now see why we loved our previous agent so much... Sally is experienced, knowledgeable, sensible, ethical, warm, and handles herself with the utmost professionalism. 

Rich, Seller 2016

Your service has been astounding!

Sally Gregg is the epitome of a professional, yet empathetic to the issues of buyers and sellers. Thank you for being our experienced guide over all the real estate hiccups that came along, and bringing us through to a successful close. Your service has been astounding!

Nina, Seller 2016

You Did An Amazing Job!

Thanks, Sally, for your fantastic work!  You did an amazing job! I could not be more pleased with the results.

Vince Follett, Seller

 I can't imagine working with anyone other than Sally and Caren in the future.
I would recommend them without reservation.

I am so very grateful that a friend gave me Sally's name when I decided to move back to Seattle. Sally was a champ from day one. She took me and my housemate out to look at neighborhoods and houses multiple times, helping us get acquainted with the market even though it was unlikely I'd be ready to buy right away. Over the following year-plus, Sally kept in touch and was always willing to send information, adjust parameters, answer questions, and take us out looking. Her patience with our long (and sometimes conflicting) wish list and shifting priorities was exemplary, and despite the very low price point she never made me feel like anything but a highly valued client and friend.

When I was finally ready to get serious, Sally and Caren really kicked into high gear. Meeting me at lunchtime to see homes when they first went on the market, replying to emails within minutes, providing detailed information about neighborhoods... I couldn't have asked for a better team. Sally also recommended a great financing team that made that side of the process easy, despite the fact that I'd recently changed jobs. Thanks to Sally, the offer and acceptance process was so simple I still have a hard time believing it happened--even though I've been in my new home over a month. Sally and Caren provided recommendations for everyone I could possibly need--contractor, roofer, carpet and house cleaners, the whole nine yards--and everyone they've recommended has been top-notch.

I'm sure I'm overlooking some of the things Sally and Caren did to make this process easy for me. They were simply spectacular from start to finish. And on top of the great professional service, they're both such nice people it feels like a loss not to have a reason to keep seeing them. I've dealt with a number of real estate professionals over the years, some good and some bad, but I can't imagine working with anyone other than Sally and Caren in the future. I would recommend them without reservation.

Alicia Ramos, Buyer

We (including our daughter) had a great experience working with Sally, and we love the team!

Sally and her team are indeed one of the top realtors who I’ve worked with.   While it was a challenging time, Sally and her team worked with us around the clock for several months.   When we needed help, they had resources to offer for wide range of needs.   They are the team who not only list a house but provides holistic real-estate transaction services to help their customer.   We (including our daughter) had great experience working with Sally, and we love the team!

Thank you!
Hiroaki Takamatsu, Seller

 Her stellar reputation is well known up here on Education Hill.  To us there was no other choice.

When we decided to sell our house, we agreed that we would call Sally Gregg.  We always knew if it came time to take this step, it would have to be with Sally.  Her stellar reputation is well known up here on Education Hill.  To us there was no other choice. 

Sally answered all our questions and eased any concerns we had about the sale of our home.  It had been a long time since we sold a house.  We lived in this home for 26 years.

Working with Sally and her team turned out to be a wonderful experience and a lot fun.  Each member of the team was so helpful.  Sally and Caren Brown never missed a phone call or an email.  The stager, photographer and Diane Perry were always punctual and so knowledgeable.

Everything Sally said would happen did and right on time.  Our house had a lot of activity and sold in five days.  It went so smoothly and we are so pleased!

Sally is a wonderful Real Estate Broker.  She knows her profession well.  She is so courteous, kind, and really savvy.  We couldn’t have asked for anyone better.  John L. Scott has a tremendous asset with Sally and her team.

We don’t ever want to lose touch with you, Sally.  Please keep those postcards and recipes coming.  Many good wishes to you and your team!

Jeanette and Mike Coviello, Seller
August 2013

We can’t thank you and Caren enough for the way everything was handled

We met 25 years ago through our then agent as we were moving from Portland to Redmond on a company move.  You were selling houses on Education Hill; we considered several you had listed but ended up buying a house on 177th, which we thought we would be in for three years - it ended up being just short of 25!  
After we moved into that house, we never again heard from that selling agent.  You kept in touch, through periodic recipe post cards - continually staying in contact with us.  We thought of you yearly at Thanksgiving, the Hopelink Food Drive and your community commitment to Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Program.
In July, 2012, your simple email update about the home inventory on Education Hill ended up being the catalyst for our major decision to move for a season to Walla Walla.
You listed our home for us on a Thursday at 4pm at a price you know I thought ambitious.  Terri and I were out of town on Friday through Sunday night.
We met with you on Monday and you presented us three offers, all at or above our listing price; one high enough that no bidding up nor other considerations could be considered!  We accepted the highest offer from a qualified buyer.  4 days; 3 offers; we moved out, cleaned up and were closed in 22 days!

We can’t thank you and Caren enough for the way everything was handled –
Terrific staging direction from your talented stager
Fantastic photography from your skilled photographer
Sending year end 2012 tax information for our return
We’re looking now for our next home on the Eastside when our season here is complete.
You are the only Realtor who’ll help us relocate.
Thanks for your great continued efforts over the years to help in our needs, and those of so many others.

Terri and Dan Evered, Sellers
February 2013

 I could not have achieved such a positive result without them

Last November, I made the decision to sell my home on Education Hill in Redmond. I knew, without hesitation, that my choice for a listing agent would be Sally Gregg. I’ve known both Sally and Caren Brown since our children were in grade school at Mann Elementary School. Sally arranged to meet me the next day and explained how she, Caren and I would work as a team to sell my home. I had some deferred maintenance issues with my home, and I was unemployed. It was a very difficult time for me. Sally came to my rescue. It was the first of many rescue missions she would execute in the next few months.

Sally literally pulled off a miracle. She told me that her office needed a part-time receptionist and with a wave of her magic wand, I was back in the work force, making some great contacts and networking with some wonderful people. Next, I needed a place to live while my Redmond home was readied for sale. Again, Sally to the rescue. She found a great home in Sammamish whose would, miraculously, rent to a woman with four dogs.

Once we determined the cost of the needed renovations, which included a new roof, we needed a bridge loan to cover costs as well as provide an interest reserve account. That’s a real challenge when the borrower’s means of repayment is the sale of her house and she has been employed for two days! Not a problem for Sally! She found a lender that would step out on the ledge and take a risk, some way selling them on the fact that her client was deserving of the loan, and besides…she was the listing agent!

After recommending countless services, meeting contractors for bids, convincing me to stage my home, and reassuring me through way too many emails to count, “Team Sally” was ready to take my listing live. Caren posted my property on the MLS and I had my first offer in 8 hours, followed by two additional offers; my home sold in only two days for more than list price!

Team Sally continued to guide me through the sales process, the home inspection and the close of escrow. She and Caren were always my cheerleaders…and continued to ask if there was anything else they could do to help me. I could not have achieved such a positive result without them.

Many people know that Sally is a successful real estate broker and that she and Caren are a dynamic team. What the may not know is how driven she is to overcome the greatest of real estate challenges and the she never, ever, gives up. Sally and Caren are extremely professional, polished and respected. They always have your back. I’m eternally grateful for their help and John L. Scott is incredibly fortunate to have them on your team.

Pat Gawenka, Seller
March 2012

Sally is the first real estate broker that knows what she is doing all around

We are extremely satisfied! We have been trying to sell this piece of property on and off for several years. Sally is the first real estate broker that knows what she is doing all around. I will work with her again in the future!!

Karen Trimmer and Brian Rubens, Sellers

Thank you for making a potentially difficult situation a complete pleasure

We have bought and sold 10 homes over the course of our marriage and our experience with you and your team was by far the most professional, efficient and fun. Thank you for making a potentially difficult situation a complete pleasure.

Martha and David Strittzi, Sellers, 2012

I've appreciated your support every step of the way

You are lucky to have such a wonderful team. You guys are all awesome and I’ve appreciated your support every step of the way. Believe me, anytime someone asks me about an agent, I’m a one woman Sally Gregg PR firm!

Deborah Kennedy, Buyer and Seller, 2012

Sally was resourceful and persistent in the face of a soft market

Sally was a pleasure to work with both in the sale of our existing home and in the purchase of our beautiful home on Lake Samammish. We had difficulty finding exactly the house we wanted on the lake, and Sally was extremely resourceful in finding new leads and networking to help get us in position to buy the right home.

Sally surrounds herself with an excellent staff and has great connections to help solve problems that might arise before, during or after the transaction. Her network has been of immense help to us on several occasions!On the sell side, Sally was very resourceful and persistent in the face of a soft market. In our neighborhood, there were 3 houses for sale on the same street that had been on the market longer than our house. Sally was committed to marketing our home and we eventually sold before any of the other houses.

Thanks for everything Sally!

Marc and Christi Whitten, Buyer and Seller, 2011

Sally Gregg and her top notch team were with us every step of the way

From the initial listing to moving out of our sold home, Sally Gregg and her top notch team were with us every step of the way.

Sally’s expertise in knowing the real estate market place insured that our home was priced correctly to sell. Caren Brown, Sally’s fantastic assistant, provided access to all the resources, i.e. network of handymen, carpenters, painters, etc, necessary to get our house ready for market. And, Sally’s talented stager, Debbie, insured that our house was visually ready to sell.Once ready for market, Sally and her team aggressively marketed our home resulting in three offers within a month. Sally’s well honed negotiation skills were critical in getting close to a full price offer for our home. We were thrilled. However, Sally’s expertise doesn’t stop there.

Years ago when Sally sold another home for us, the market was very different. People could easily sell their own home. I asked Sally at the time why we should use her and pay her commission. Her reply: “Selling a home might be easy; what isn’t easy is keeping the deal together to a successful close.” And, in today’s environment, this is truer than ever.

Sally and Caren were there every step of the way, through inspection to final closing to insure it all came off smoothly. While all this was happening, Sally helped us find our new home; and, coordinated the closing of our new home with the sale of our old home. From the initial listing through the move, Sally and her team provided the expertise and support that got our home sold and closed.

But, again, it didn’t stop there . . .
On the day of our move, Sally provided a much appreciated lunch for us and our movers.

Bottom-line, if you want to get your house sold, hire Sally and her team. They not only get the job done; but they are so great to work with as well.

Thank you Sally, Caren, Diane & Debbie!!! We know we couldn’t have done it without you!

Lou and Nannette Buren, Buyer and Seller
November 2010

We are Sally's clients for life! Thanks for being there for us!

I wanted to take a moment and thank you both for a tremendous job you have done in putting us in our first home. We don't have enough words to thank you but I did want to give it a try.Though one would expect it naturally, there were numerous occasions when we were very happy (and surprised too) by the extent of professionalism and patience you have shown. I had people tell me I did not need an agent and I could do it myself, but I am convinced that I did need one and had the best in class. We loved the perspective that you had given us all through. It was a lot of new things and we could not have understood all those without learning from you. Another remarkable aspect was that Sally never hesitated to share her perspective, even if it would get us thinking against a home, and was very straightforward with us - we have to get used to that but then we loved it just that way! We never felt any pressure to making a decision - Rather, we started feeling more comfortable if Sally had a look and tells us if she gave it a nod yes or no and we would go with it. Amazing patience too! Thanks for everything! It means a lot to us and our little girl.

Thanks to Caren for following up every small minute detail and keeping on top of things all throughout! I would have compromised on some things if it were me, but you folks did not!

We are still getting used to the fact that we moved from a 1100 sq ft home to a 2400 sq ft. - Having to go upstairs to get stuff is also a big thing these days :) and all new things to learn - how to deal with 3 bins for waste management, maintaining the lawn etc. :) As Caren mentioned, we are Sally's clients for life :) Thanks for being there for us and for all you have done for us.

Chandon and Ishita Golla, Buyers

If there is a better agent in this market, we have not met them

Well, no one said it would be easy. Sally, we sent our extended family your way because it appeared this transaction would take tremendous experience and patience to make it happen. The pitfalls were many and ditto hurdles to overcome. However, it is no surprise that you and your capable assistant were up to the challenge and made it a reality. Please understand this is more than a successful home sale. It equals a huge burden removed and the opportunity to obtain financial security. Thanks for establishing realistic expectations, correct pricing information, advice on the large list of repairs needed, and contractors with the ability to be of service to us. We categorically endorse your professionalism to anyone. If there is a better agent in this market, we have not met them. Good luck. We will cross paths again.

John & Jean Echternach

Thank you so much, Sally for all the work you and Caren did for us

We thank you very much, Sally, for all the work you and Caren did during the process of selling our house in Redmond as well as buying our condo in Issaquah. We do hope our numerous questions, phone calls, and extra meetings did not distract you too much!

Ed and Hanni Broeder, Buyer and Seller
August 2007

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