On a 5 Star Rating, I Give Them TEN Stars! 

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 I cannot recommend Sammamish Realty enough!!! I knew I wanted this firm to sell my home after seeing all the local signs around town with their name on a SOLD sign. We decided to put our family home of 11 years on the market at one of the busiest times of the year for most people, right between the Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. We were under a tight deadline to relocate. To make matters worse, I was working practically around the clock in a busy hospital and had little time for planning.

 Scott, Kim and Jamie Bobson went to work immediately, going above and beyond. They called in their professional crew of painters, handymen, etc. to get our home in top shape. Kim personally staged our home, bringing in items to place for the perfect touch. Kim and her daughter, Jamie actually packed a good deal of my things in boxes for me!!! I know for a fact that I would not have met the deadline without the Bobson’s working tirelessly to show the home in the best light possible.

Scott is a genius in determining what to price our home at to maximize profit and interest. Our home sold in 5 (FIVE) days with multiple offers. We settled on $65,000 over asking price!!! Unbelievable!

Sammamish Realty is a comprised of a hard working family with work ethic and hard work that they will use to get you the best price possible on your home with the least effort and worry on your part. On a 5 star rating, I give them TEN stars! The very best real estate agency in the Sammamish and surrounding areas!


T Miller


Smoothest Real Estate Transaction We Have Ever Experienced!

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Our experience with Sammamish Realty was excellent, from start to closing. The reason we chose them was because of their long experience and knowledge of the local real estate market. They also have a good deal of knowledge about the mortgage process, which was very helpful to us as we had many questions while trying to buy and sell a house at the same time. Because our house was on the lower end of the market, we wanted an agent that would give our house the same attention as a more expensive one, and that they did. Their advice was spot on, and I feel they extracted the maximum value for us from our house, and helped us avoid any pitfalls during the process.  This has been by far the smoothest real estate transaction we have experienced. I would give them my highest recommendations.


Vince and Susan E

 They Brought Their Networks and Resources

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Not only is Scott a highly ethical professional, but he is an expert at pricing and preparing a house for the best sales outcome.   Kim Bobson is Scott’s wife and business partner, and her specialty is marketing and staging.  We handed the house over to them a week ago to project manage the usual various and sundry things that need to be done to put a house on the market.   They have brought all of their networks and resources to bear to getting the house ready, while we romped off play house at to our new apartment and to go work as usual, and happily left every detail in their hands.

  If you ever decide to sell your home, especially if you don’t want to deal with the cleaning, handyman stuff, or any details about prepping the house….and if you want to get a great price and know that you are in excellent hands…then you should keep Scott & Kim Bobson in mind!



Shannon & Steve 

They Are an Amazing Team, Complimenting Each Other's Skills!

I can't say enough about Kim and Scott.  They are an amazing team, complimenting each other's skills to give you the complete professional package.  Compared to all  our previous experiences purchasing or selling a home, this was  by far the best.  Kim was so patient, showing us house after house; knowing when to offer insight or advice, but also when to step back and let us work through the process.  Because of the crazy housing market, the process took awhile for us, but she continued to offer her support and encouragement with a smile on her face.  Scott was always just a phone call away able to quickly research anything we needed, whether it was evaluating a price on a home, researching the market or preparing offers.  His  advice and wisdom negotiating the offer and contract were invaluable.

They make an amazing team.  We felt confident and comfortable throughout the experience.  We would both highly recommend them to anyone considering buying or selling a home.  On a five star system, we give them 5 plus.

Bob and Kris Mallory

Went Above and Beyond the Normal Call of Duty!

Dear Scott and Kim

I would like to thank you and compliment you on helping us with our move. After nearly 14 years on the Plateau to move was a big undertaking.

Firstly in selling our house that went off well and your gentle guidance gave us the result we needed and FAST! I think we managed to get the deal we wanted in a very short period of time. The help with staging and making the house look picture perfect made the sale part very rewarding.

Of course the big task was to go through the process of buying new construction. Once we had found the right place you gave us so much good advice on how to deal with the builder. Given the difficulties that we faced and the delays imposed by the builder you stuck with us all the way through. We honestly feel that you both went above and beyond the normal call of duty and we could not have made it without you. Both of you working as a team made the effort worth it and it showed the consummate professionals that you both are.

A huge thank you from all of us. We look forward to welcoming you into the new home!

Warm regards,

  Marjon and Timothy

Best Real Estate Experence We've Ever Had!

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Dear Scott and Kim:
     Thank you so much for your help in selling our home. We were absolutely blown-away by your responsiveness, support, and professionalism. It was great for us to know we could count on you throughout the entire process. We felt very well taken care of! We have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so. The two of you make a great team and made for the best real estate experience we’ve ever had.

 Christopher & Leslie

We knew they were the right brokers after our first interview!

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Scott & Kim
We really do think you are unique in this day and age.  Years ago I knew a man who owned his own real estate business and believed he was in the business of making people happy by finding them the right home.  He considered it a calling.  Today I think there are precious few left who share that value — but you two certainly do. 

 Thanks for making this experience so easy for us.  

Scott and Kim Bobson did a terrific job selling our house. We knew they were the right brokers after our first interview with them. Others we interviewed are armed with standard sales presentations, and required we sign a contract before they would answer our questions. In contrast, the Bobson's bring the confidence and in depth knowledge they have gained from 20 years experience in Sammamish real estate plus the flexibility that comes with owning their own business.  With a friendly, easy going manner, they are frank and open in answering questions as well as pro-active in providing information the seller needs to consider. They spent a good deal of time and effort with us, even before we signed the contract. 

  Kim has a marvelous eye for what the market likes to see and a flair for making it happen. What is more, she rolls up her sleeves and does whatever is need to help out. Scott kept a close eye on a volatile market and worked with us right down to the last minute on determining when to list the house, and establishing the perfect price point. Their hard work paid off with a wildly successful two day open house resulting in multiple offers and a very advantageous sale. 

While our experience with Scott and Kim was as sellers, I have every confidence in recommending them both to sellers and buyers. 

They are models of integrity, transparency and firmly dedicated to achieving the absolute best possible outcome for their clients. 
Cynthia and Jonathan

Hard Work and Professionalism!


Just wanted to say thank you for the hard work you put into selling my house, it seems that your youth & energy played a big part in the selling of this home so quickly. We would refer you to anyone that's looking or selling a home due to the fact that you were on top of things, your a good listener, and you showed the professionalism of a well season realtor.


  Phil & Gladys

Snoqualmie Ridge

Scott and Kim are a perfect blend of everything a client could ask for. I have worked with them on both purchases and sales of homes in the area and have found them only to have improved on an already great work ethic and ability to produce desired results. Even during these rough past years in the real estate market.
Each time I have needed their services I found myself with different needs, home desires, time schedules, pet concerns and each time they have come through for me. Always willing to offer more services and care than I would expect or often need to consider in handling my reality needs. They leave nothing to chance and make sure that you are aware of all options even those which I may not have assumed possible.
Scott is a master at negotiating for you. He knows how to breakdown and explain all of the terms, regulations and legal aspects so that you have complete understanding and confidence in making your decisions that work best for you. He has a no pressure policy towards his clients and never compromises for the sake of getting a deal done.
Kim worked with me on always finding the perfect options of available homes to preview. She will listen to every detail you give here and add her own great thoughts and ideas. Believe me you want to take advantage of her skills as well. Whether it is staging your house for sale or how to improve on your new home she will impress you with every suggestion. My paint colors rock!
I have recommended them to many friends and family only to be thanked by them for introducing them to Kim and Scott.

Thanks guys for everything!


If we had to do this 100 times more, we would choose them 100 times again!

Kim and Scott had been helping us out for more than two years now to find our dream house. A few months ago we closed it and we are in love with it.  We could have not done it without Kim and Scott, they helped us out analyzing the options, finding the right house, finding the right financing options, all the paper work and then finally also on selling our current house at the right price. 

Buying and selling houses is not an easy task but Kim and Scott made it as easy as possible and always with a smile on their face.  If we had to do this 100 times more, we would choose them 100 times again!
     Augusto and Mariana

We feel very fortunate to have met Scott and Kim when we did as we are certain none of this would have happened without them. 

We were not actively looking for a new house when we stumbled upon a beautiful home in Broadmoore Estates. We had just found the perfect house for us, but unfortunately it also seemed to be the perfect house for a couple of other families! 
Scott and Kim walked us through the process from beginning to end. Scott helped position us so that we got the house without overpaying. We also needed to sell our current home which we were completely unprepared for.
Kim did a wonderful job of advising us on how to stage our house and of running two very successful open houses.  They were right on with the price and timing of the listing and we sold it the very first weekend while other houses sat on the market. 
Start to finish we bought a new house and sold our current house in 7 days. Buying and selling houses can be very stressful. Doing both within a week is borderline crazy But with Scott and Kim's help, it couldn't have gone smoother!  
Their advice and counsel continued throughout the appraisal, inspection, and closing process.  They are both very knowledgeable and I think best of all make such a good team.  They both focus on different parts of the process and together you really fell like you have the best team possible representing you. 
We feel very fortunate to have met Scott and Kim when we did as we are certain none of this would have happened without them. 
  Robert & Kim

Vintage Neighborhood

When we made the decision to sell our Sammamish home in order to move to the Sacramento area, we didn’t hesitate to reach out to Sammamish Realty. This decision was solely based on the great experience we had working with you and your team when selling and buying our home over 8 years ago. The incredible service and support you provided us throughout both the buy and sell process back then was still fresh in our minds. Needless to say, we could not have been happier with our decision to put our trust in you once again.
From the moment we started thinking about selling, right up to the final signatures, your team once again went out of your way to exceed our expectations in every aspect of the process. Prior to our house going on the market, your expertise shone through in researching and developing a pricing strategy. Kim, your excellent taste and skill in staging our house really made it look and present better than it ever had before (thus the term “Kim up my house”). 
Even though we were unable to take advantage of your skills on the buying end, you went out of your way to find a great pair of agents in the Sacramento area and continued to provide us expert guidance and advice remotely throughout the purchase process. Although there was little in it for you, you graciously allowed us to take advantage of our trust in you by leaning heavily on you for advice in all aspects of purchasing a home in a completely different state.
In these complicated times, we were amazed at the speed in which you were able to get us a very strong offer for our house. During the post offer process we certainly had a few curveballs thrown at us, but you were willing to call in personal favors, gain outside expertise and use your finely tuned negotiation skills to help make sure we were able to keep our buyer and close on time.
It is very rare that you build such a strong trust and excellent rapport when you work with most any sales agents. Your impeccable integrity and deep expertise of the area combined with your friendly, calm professional attitude made it easy for us to do that.  Even though we don’t expect be able to take advantage of your services again anytime soon, we wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Sammamish area. Actually, I really like the sounds of Eldorado Hills Real Estate if you ever decide to expand.
Thank you for all you have done for us,
    Ronan and Terese
       (Katie, Chrissy, Ashley and Keela the dog too!)

They found a buyer for our Tree Farm house in 2 days. 

For Sammamish Real Estate, Scott and Kim are the best.  Personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.  Their office is unique, homey and totally accessible.  Scott provided direct and honest advice.  Kim worked hard to make our house show well.  They found a buyer for our Tree Farm house in 2 days.  They made the selling process easy, and the closing was painless. We will highly recommend Sammamish Realty to our friends.
 Dave and Lesley

We received a full price offer in one week!

My experience with Kim and Scott has been very positive. From the very first moment Scott came to our home in Sammamish, we felt very confident we were dealing with the right kind of people. Professional yet friendly, with plenty knowledge about our market, they helped us get our home ready and on the market quick. It went on the market on Saturday and we received a full price offer on the next Saturday.

Even though we are still a couple weeks from the closing date, we are more than happy with our choice, which is one the most important when buying or selling a house, and we would definitely recommend their services.

  France & André

Always provided Excellent Suggestions, Feedback and Support

This is a long overdue note thanking you and yoru team so much for the excellent service and support you provided our family when we decided to upgrade our home. You truly made a very difficult time (buying a house, selling a house, 2 x 2 year olds and a baby on the way) as easy as it could possibly be.  Paramount to this was our tremendous knowledge of the market in Sammamihs, your excellent communication and the high integrity you displayed throughout the entire process.

When we entered in to this endeavor with you and your team, we could not have expected such a high level of service as we received.  Our concerns or questions were always addressed to our satisfaction, messages were answered as soon as possible, any items that required follow up were handled quickly; every one with the utmost courtesy and professionalism.  Kim, your ability to understand what we were looking for (even though we didn't know it all of the time) and show us homes that really fit our needs without wasting our time, really simplified the process.  Scott, you were right on when pricing our old house and helping us determine the correct offer on our new house.  You were also so good at guiding us through some difficult situations that we couldn't have anticipated; always as calmly and professionally as can be, leading us to a very successful buy/sell transaction.  And we will never forget the rest of the team who were able to support all of the open houses that eventually led to the sale of our home.

We are especially grateful for the way you both immediately made us feel comfortable in working with you, which never wavered throughout the entire time we worked together.  You were always able to provide excellent suggestions, feedback and support without making us feel forced into decisions we weren't comfortable with.  You always made us feel like we were always in control and that you were behind us 100%; we cannot tell you how valuable that was to us.

You proved many times over that we made a very wise choice in working with Sammamish Realty.  We will strongly recommend you and the entire Sammamish Realty team to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell in the area and will be very happy to be a reference for any potential clients you may have int he future.  You not only have our highest recommendation, but also our awe at what a great team you are.

Thank you again for such wonderful service and friendship!

Ronan & Teresa (Katie, Chrissy & Ashley too!)

Summer Ridge Neighborhood

Three words: Leadership; Integrity; Compassion

We are so pleased we chose to work with Scott and Kim Bobson on the sale of our Sammamish home. In a tough market they gave us solid advise based on years of experience and expertise. 

They listened to and honored our requests and concerns and supported us in every step of the process including the “loan” of staging items that where the icing on the cake of our home’s presentation. 

While other homes still sit on the market, we’re on our way to our new home on Whidbey Island. Their individual skills complement each other and together they are a great realty team.

Three words:  leadership;  integrity; compassion. 
Thanks Scott and Kim! 

 Dennis and Carol

I am certain Scott's advice saved me thousands of dollars!

It was a pleasure working with Scott and Kim Bobson on my recent home purchase in Sammamish. Their knowledge of the Sammamish community and market conditions was extremely valuable in getting me into the right home in the the right neighborhood at the right price for ME. They always made me feel they were looking out for my best interest and not just looking for a commission. 

Kim was fantastic showing me the potential of each house we saw and Scott gave solid advice on pricing & negotiations.I am certain Scott's advice saved me thousands of dollars. 

Once the offer was accepted, their follow-up during each step of the inspection and closing process ensured a successful 30 day close getting me into my house as soon as possible. 

I can't thank them enough and would recommend them to anyone buying or selling in Sammamish. 
 ~ Doreen

Park Glen Neighborhood

When we decided to list our house early 2010, we decided to go with the agent that had sold us the house originally, Scott and Kim Bobson.  They had been extremely friendly and helpful eight years prior when I moved in, and left a lasting impression that made me think of them immediately when it came time for us to sell.

In one of the worst markets to sell a house, Scott and Kim did an excellent job of helping us find the right listing price, gave us great feedback when we needed to adjust the price, and kept us updated weekly on the activity of other comparable listings in our neighborhood.  They offered excellent advise and answered our questions thoroughly during the entire process, and were a pleasure to deal with.

Kim did an excellent job of staging the house and making it look lovely.  So much that I almost thought about keeping it!  When we setup the listing, Kim went through the house with us and suggested things we should do to get it ready to sell, and she even went so far as to help us take care of some of it when we didn't think we'd get it done in time.

Scott was great with answering all our questions and very responsive, even giving us a call back when he was out of town for a graduation.  His answers were always very thoughtful and honest, and helped ease some of the anxiety of selling a house.

Both Kim and Scott were a pleasure to do business with, make a great team, and I can't recommend them enough.


Professional, Personalized, Efficient and Communicative

This letter is being written to not only express a commendation in regards to Sammamish Realty for their true professionalism and personalized service, but to offer a sincere and heartfelt recommendation.
For any potential seller of real estate that desires the aforementioned attributes in a neighborhood real estate company combined with great communication, a sense of urgency and keen attention to detail; one would need to look no further than Scott and Kim Bobson at Sammamish Realty.
I first met Scott and Kim nearly 18 months ago when my family was in need of selling our Sammamish home due to a career transfer to Colorado. After being on the market for a few weeks (in the valley of the recession), we were presented with an offer to rent our home for 12-14 months – an offer we could not refuse. Not only did Scott and Kim accept our decision in a very positive manner, but they helped to facilitate the entire leasing of our home. A short time ago, our renters moved out of our home and I immediately turned to Sammamish Realty. Within 48 hours of my call to Scott, our home was listed, on the market and the sign was in the yard. Within five (5) days, we received competing offers (above current market value) and we were under contract.
Need I say more?
Sammamish Realty: Professional, Personalized, Efficient and Communicative. They work for YOU.
I appreciate the opportunity to recommend Scott & Kim Bobson and Sammamish Realty to any home seller or buyer.


Vintage Neighborhood

Kim & Scott offered excellent knowledge of the Sammamish real estate market. They absolutely know how to market a house for sale! They also offered detailed, excellent and honest up-to date advice with regard to pricing.

When we decided to list our house in March 2010, we thought we needed to work with a large real estate company that had global coverage.

After two months with the large company we parted ways. We contacted Kim Bobson with Sammamish Realty. We should have done that from the start because a local real estate company like theirs knows best what is going on in their neighborhood.

 After a very professional and friendly meeting with Kim, our eye-catching marketing flyer was up and running in three days time. 

Kim absolutely knows what she is doing; she gave us excellent pointers with regard to staging the house; she took excellent pictures and put together a very appealing flyer for our house.

Scott gave us excellent marketing & pricing advice given the current economy & we sold our house in a record time, 2 weeks. Scott followed up in a very knowledgeable & professional manner & led us straight to closing. We were in constant contact, either by phone or e-mail.

I highly recommend their services. Both Kim and Scott are very professional and friendly people. I would work with them again any time! Thank you both!

Warm regards,

Thank-You for Leading the Way to Our Dream Home!

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Thank you for leading the way in getting myself and my family into our dream house in Sammamish. I have owned 5 homes in my life and you by far made this purchase the easiest and most efficient in a time where the housing market is just the opposite. My sister Lori referred you and your wife to me and she spoke of your reputation and how you under promise and over deliver with every client that you have. You by far surpassed even those expectations. Thank you again and be assured I will send you all referrals to you in the future.

Thank you,
    Chip & Priscilla  

Working with Scott and Kim was a Pleasure!

Working with Scott and Kim was a pleasure.  I have been in the commercial real estate business for nearly 10 years, so I feel like I have a good sense of what makes a competent agent.  They laid out a sound strategy based on their knowledge of the market that was completely on target, yet were totally on board when we decided we wanted to test the market by slightly exceeding the upper end of their value range.  They worked extremely hard along with the rest of their team to show our house and Kim did a great job of staging it for us (as part of their services - I am sure you would be charged extra by most firms).
They gave us great advice to reduce our list price after our initial probe and worked together with us to agree on the appropriate amount to reduce it.  We absolutely did as well as we possibly could have price-wise in today's market.  They were also invaluable as we moved through the process keeping us updated on the status of the deal, providing us referrals to vendors and working with buyer's agents who I felt weren't nearly as professional as Scott & Kim.
I would absolutely recommend Scott & Kim to you.  We had a great experience and I know that in a few months when we start looking for a new house ourselves, we will be working with Kim to find it.

Nick and Arissa

Thank you again for all of your Planning, Research, Negotiations and Guidance! 

Thank you and the Sammamish Realty team for your help and support over the years.  As a repeat customer, Sammamish Realty maintained an exceptional level of professionalism in guidance, communication, reliability and integrity.  As a result the transition of moving to a larger home and then some years later to a smaller home have been smooth and managed well.

The sale of the 1st property, which utilized Kim's amazing eye-catching marketing experience and Scott's guidance and negotiation skills, resulted in getting more than the asking price for my home.  The 2nd property was basically sold within 24 hours of the listing date and for much more than I thought it would go for.  In my opinion, any other realty company cannot match the research and knowledge base that Scott and Kim possess.  Not only are they experts in their field, but they care about their clients.  Continually through our various transactions and on all levels, the team has gone the extra mile to help.  One instance that stands out was when one of my children locked themselves out of the house and could not reach me.  Sammamish Realty came over to the house and let them in.  What caring individuals!  Additionally, Sammamish Realty worked with me on my schedule to setup Open Houses and various other impromptu showings.  They always kept me informed of what had transpired during a showing and what outcome I could expect.  All transactions were clearly communicated and all ideas were well thought out and when implemented, worked well.

If anyone were to ask me what Realty Company I would recommend, hands down, it would be Sammamish Realty.  The personalized service, along with the high level of expertise in all areas of the sell-to-sold process is Invaluable.  They truly are an amazing team.

Thank you again for all of your planning, research, negotiations and guidance!  You truly are a remarkable group and care about my family and how a move like this would affect us!  You're one in a million!

Kathleen and Family

P.S.  My children told me to say hello!

We Recommend Sammamish Realty Without Reservation

Deciding to sell one's ome is one of life's major decisions, economically speaking.  The next most important decision is deciding which Realtor, among many, is the best choice.  We made the correct choice to contract with you to sell our home.  You sold it in 10 days!  We closed and transerred title without a hitch.  We have reflected on how the sale of our home became such a pleasant and uncomplicated experience.  We arrived at the following conclusions about you and the professionals at Sammamish Realty:

1.  You have intimate knowledge of the local marketplace: You helped us list at the right price that fit the condition of the market.  You convinced us in a gracious way that you knew more than we did!

2.  Great presentation: Your marketing materials and internet exposure worked.

3.  Support team:  You have the finest group of realtor professionals at Sammamish Realty we hav evered encountered in over 30 years of buying and selling homes.

4.  Integrity: Never once did you encounter "hype" or any behavior that made us second guess your commitment to us and the sale of our home.

5.  Communication: You constantly kept us updated on showings, feddback from other brokers, and a general sense of how we were being accepted int he market.  You informed us daily of the progress to closing with the escrow and th buyers.

6.  Friendliness:  Doing business with you was pleasant.  you clearly had our best interests at heart.  Because of this, this sale experience was not stressful.

We recommend Sammamish Realty without reservation to anyone considering entrusting their personal dwelling to the uncertain adventure of listing in the marketplace.  you succedded in managing the uncertainties in a very professional manner.  You closed without one single hiccup.  Thank you for all you did for us.

Rolle & Carol

The Expertise Your Team Brings to the Homeowner is Unparalleled!

Kathy and I wanted to say "Thanks You" again for all your effort and hard work to sell our home.

I am still telling people about our great experience with Sammamish Realty.  When I tell them we sold the house in 4 days with 5 offers, I get people saying "Wow in this environment - That's Amazing!"

It is all about attention to detail and knowing the market.  The expertise your team brings to homeowner is unparalleled in my experience.  You gave us a real data and information that helped us make the right decisions about pricing and then you did what you said you would do to market and stage our home for a quality sale.  It is such a pleasure to work with people who care!

Please feel free to share our story with anyone considering listing their home.

Fred & Kathy

Knowledgeable, Professional and Extremely Helpful

I am writing you this testimonial from Prescott, Arizona, where I now live, thanks to you.  I want you both to know how thankful I am for your outstanding service in helping me sell my home (In only 9 days, Wow!!)

You both were knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful in all that you did and said, and I thank you.  I would be glad to use your services again, and would recommend you to anyone looking for help in buying or selling their home.

Thank You - Sincerely,

Professionalism and Dedication

Kim & Scott,We have been deeply impressed by your professionalism and your dedication to the clients. The whole process of buying our house and selling our former residence was a great experience, wonderful and enlightening, because of you. Hiring you as our agent must have been one of the best decisions we have ever made, and we really love the house you helped us to purchase.As you may have guessed, we have started talking about Kim the excellent realtor among our friends and in the local Chinese community. We would certainly be more than happy to refer you to anyone interested in buying or selling a property.

Again, many thanks,
    Jian and Grace


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